The International Committees of the ILA was established to undertake research and prepare reports on specific areas of international law (public, private and commercial), which are discussed and analyzed during the Biennial Conference by members and other interested parties.

Reports may take several forms: a re-statement of the Law and a draft treaty or convention, drawing up a code of rules or principles of international law, or a review of recent developments in law, in theory or practice.

The theme of work of the Committee is defined by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the Board of Studies under the scope of ILA-Headquarters.

Committees are usually formed for a mandate of four years and the Executive Council may extend the term in its original form or with amendments, to subsequent periods of up to four years.

The National branches propose the Chairmen of Committees and the Director of Studies of ILA-Headquarters the names of members eligible to be part of certain committees, which, once approved by those instances are brought to the attention of the Executive Council. 

Reports of the Committees, which are published in each biennial conference, and the resolutions of the Conference published since 2000 can be downloaded from the site

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For more information about the formation and operation of the ILA Committees, see:

- Rules for Membership of International Committees (2007)

- Guidelines for Officers of International Committees (2005)

- Revised Procedures for Establishing International Committees and Study Groups (1997)